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May 11, 2021

The Texas Educational Colorguard Association would like to announce our 6 Scholarship Recipients for the 2021 Season.

1. Martin De Leon - James Madison High School

2. Jennifer Arriola - PSJA Southwest High School

3. Mia Gonzales - Karen Wagner High School

4. Lachlan Hays - James Madison High School

5. Dominique Coronado - Southwest High School

6. Silvina Padilla - United High School

Congratulations to all our 2021 Scholarship Recipients !!!

May 6, 2021

Tentative 2022 Contest Schedule



15 - TECA Contest – (Colorguard Only)

22 – TECA Contest – (Colorguard Only)

29 - TECA Contest – (Guard/Percussion/Winds)


5 – TECA Contest – (Guard/Percussion/Winds) *WGI San Antonio Regional*

12 – TMEA



19 – TECA Contest – (Guard/Percussion/Winds) *WGI Dallas & Houston Regional*

26 – TECA Contest – (Guard/Percussion/Winds)


5 – TECA Contest – TECA Contest (Guard/Percussion/Winds) *WGI Austin Regional*

12 – TECA Contest – TECA Contest (Guard/Percussion/Winds)

-TECA Championship Block-


26 – TECA Championships


2 – TECA Championships


(One in Block A & One in Block B)

March 9, 2021

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January 20, 2019

TECA 2021 Contest Recaps 

**There are no placements this season - only ratings. 

Jourdanton Recaps 3/6/21

Virtual Contest Recaps 3/13/2021

Virtual Contest Recaps 3/20/2021

Madison Colorguard Recaps 3/20/21

Madison Percussion Recaps 3/20/21

Jourdanton Recaps 3/27/21

Virtual Contest Recaps 3/27/21
Warren Percussion Recaps 4/10/21

Warren Guard Recaps 4/10/21

Virtual Contest Recaps 4/10/21

Virtual Contest Recaps 4/17/21

October 20, 2016


Q. Where can I find the contest information packet, schedule, or critique schedules?

Check out the Schedule for contest packets and attendance. Critique schedules and last minute adjustments will be posted to the homepage.

Q. Where can I update my Spiel Sheet?

Visit the Registration page and edit your unit. We pull spiel sheet data on the morning of each contest, so any changes you make will be announced at your next performance. (Pronunciation guides for tough names are awesome! Also we may edit the content for clarity and length, at the announcer's discretion.)

Q. Where can I view the circuit by-laws, contest rules, and timing requirements for my classification?

These and more can all be found at the Forms page.

Q. Where can I find judges recap sheets, panels, or the full WGI rulebook for each classification?

Head to the Judges area. You'll need to log in first.

Q. Can I advertise my services, or sell gently used items?

Advertisements may be placed on the Classifieds page. To place an ad, please contact TECA Webmaster Nathan Flynt.

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Board of Directors:

President:  Jeremy Contreras, Earl Warren HS

Vice President of Colorguard: Ronald Burton, John Marshall HS

Vice President of Percussion: TBA

Treasurer: Danielle Ramirez,  Southwest Legacy HS

Secretary: Fred Rodriguez, Laredo United HS

Historian: Heather Brown, Seguin HS

Parliamentarian: Ruben Alejandre: Medina Valley HS

Education Director of Color Guard: Kelly Spencer

Education Director of Percussion:

TECA Judge's Association Staff:

Color Guard Chief Judge: Shirley Williams

Percussion Chief Judge: Rick Astorga

Circuit Staff:

Contest Directors: Ray Ramirez & Ronald Burton

Tabulator: Isaac Ramirez

Sound Staff: Nathan Flynt & Fred Rodriguez

Webmaster: Nathan Flynt


Winter Guard Circuits:

Winter Guard International

Texas Color Guard Circuit

North Texas Color Guard Association

Caprock Colorguard Circuit 

West Texas Colorguard Association

Texas Educational Colorguard Association Sponsors:


Old contest data may be found in the archives.